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"The doTERRA Review"

doTERRA Review

There are several MLM or multilevel companies available today. doTERRA is the new, upcoming and most interesting direct sales companies I have found. It features essential oils as the main product.  It offers the most comprehensive compensation payout plan I have seen in this industry, as well as the opportunity for distributors to sell the CPTG Essentials Oils at a profit. This gives you, the business owner, an option of opening an actual store front to sell doTERRA product or sell product from home.(*note doTERRA products are now being offered in high end spas worldwide.)  doTERRA could place their product into stores themselves and pay for advertising but chose to offer this through a direct marketing approach.  This allows the wholesale business consultants to train their customers in the use and benefits of essential oils.  doTERRA provides the opportunity to earn additional income by allowing you to sponsor other people or businesses into your network marketing business. I have found this to be the up and coming Home Based Business of the year.

You should know more about their advantages and special features. Let’s get started.  What is an Essential oil? Essential oils are the natural, aromatic compounds that are extracted from plants.  They may come from the bark, stems, roots, seeds, flowers and other parts. These are the parts that carry the fragrance of the plant.  If you have ever rubbed a peppermint leaf between your fingers you have release the essential oil on your hand.  This is the aromatic qualities of essential oils. The essential oils provide the plant protect from disease and predators. The compound makeup of the oils may provide protection from disease for us as well.


doTERRA has set the highest standard in the industry with the CPTG or 100 % Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.  They offer the safest, purist and most beneficial essential oils in the world. The oils are skillfully harvested from plants through steam expression or cold distillation.  They are harvested by expert growers all over the globe at precisely the right moment. Experienced essential oil growers quickly recognized the high standard of doTERRA CPTG essential oils. Bringing them the best they have to offer.   Each and every batch of the doTERRA essential oil is third party tested for its purity and compound makeup. These tests include a “Gas Chromatography” and “Mass Spectrometry”. This enables doTERRA to uphold their commitment of the highest quality essential oils. doTERRA’s CPTG essential oils may be used in one of three way, Therapeutic, Aromatic and best of all Internal. 

(***Caution read the labels of other essential oil producers. Most will contain warnings on the labels regarding internal use of their product)


doTERRA has a very high quality leadership team, comprised of healthcare professionals and business leaders.  This team joined together in 2008.  Together, their combined experience is well over 100 years, in the essential oils industry and highly regarded MLM companies.  The objective of this newly formed company, to improve the standard of therapeutic-grade essential oils and provide the purest and effectively unique essential oil for their family and others. They were successful in meeting and exceeding that objective.  They achieved the highest industry standard with the CPTG or 100 % Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils offered exclusively by doTERRA.  The company doTERRA was born which is Latin for “gift of the earth”. The company began by offering 25 single oils and 10 oil blends. More products have been introduced as the company has obtained the CPTG standard in additional oils.  They also began offering other product containing the CPTG essential oils technology including healthy nutrition, pure skin care, weight loss and spa products. They will continue to add product when the quality is available, but only when it meets this standard.


I have been with this company for quite a while now and I have had the opportunity of taking part in several huge training events. The power to building a business today lies in technology, the internet and marketing systems. I recommend joining the company with a group of successful business leaders at “Team Aspire”.  One of the many successful trainers in this group is a Diamond Level Founder with doTERRA.  Training is available through the team website, weekly and monthly personal and business training. A lead generation system for this team is in place to help with the growth of your business.  The leadership team is utilizing this technology to generate endless amounts of leads, sponsor endless amounts of new distributors and help the prospects who join, build successful businesses. This is not done for you but with you. This is the only way I would do business and this is the only way that I coach others to do business.


The business opportunity at doTERRA is a simple MLM (multi-level marketing) business similar to Mary Kay or Avon.  A wholesale membership is offered at $35.00 to purchase product at a wholesale discount similar to Costco or Sam’s Club or with this membership it is virtually in reach for anyone looking to start a home based business.  Once you join the company as a wholesale customer or “Business Owner”, you are given the option to choose from a variety of different ways to market you company. As an independent product consultant or IPC, you may purchase the products at wholesale prices, and then retail the product to family, friends or retail customers at a profit. You may also qualify to receive Fast Start bonuses and experience one of the highest payouts in a residual income opportunity.  

Another benefit of the doTERRA business is the Monthly Rewards Program where you can earn up to 30% of your monthly purchase in free products. This is a no-hassle automatic shipment of doTERRA products that you can order every month. You receive up to a maximum of 30% of the PV or point value of the monthly order. For example: if you order $100 of Product which in most cases is equivalent to 100 PV you will earn up to $30 in free product.  You may earn up to $100 in product credits every month. You also have the option each month to change the order and ship date.  

Although there are no monthly product purchase requirements, you will want to keep a minimum 100 PV Monthly Autoship Order to receive the Fast Start Bonus which is paid weekly and Power of 3 Bonus (up to a $1,500 bonus) which is paid monthly along with residual earnings.  It is possible to earn this bonus with as little as 27 business partners.


The benefits of essential oils have been around for thousands of years. They can provide relief from tension, stress, depression or just relax the body to enable healing. Essential oils are very powerful.  They are a highly sought after alternative to traditional medication. You now have the choice to avoid the sometimes fatal prescription cycle and enjoy this healthy option to ordinary western medicine.

doTERRA has several products available. The easiest selling introductory product to the CPTG Essential oils is the Family Physician Kit.   The top selling kit, if you are interested in taking your new home based business to the top level is the diamond kit.  It sets the tone for a successful business and provides you with product to begin selling retail to your customers immediately.  This will save you on future shipping.  Congratulations you are now the CEO of an incredible home based business.

There are so many incredible CPTG essential oils available at doTERRA.  Two of my favorites are Frankincense and Birch.

Frankincense is regenerative oil.  In its pure form (as offered through doTERRA) it has been proven to kill cancer cells.  doTERRA’s Frankincense comes from Oman, where they have obtained exclusive rights to the oil produced in that region.  This Frankincense oil is highly sought after due to its healing potential.

Birch essential oil is a product that is high in demand because it serves a variety of purposes such as treating muscle and bone discomfort, reducing inflammation and protecting the skin against both fungi and bacteria. This seasonal oil is usually available in the fall.  We recommend when this oil is available to stock up for sales throughout the year. It does sell out quickly.


doTERRA is a great company to be involved with.  You will quickly become an essential oils expert with the tools available.  You have the opportunity to make a lot of money with them. There is more to doTERRA than just the oils.  If you want to be successful in your doTERRA Business and are ready to start making some real money then subscribe to receive my free doTERRA online marketing blueprint.  Close this window.  Fill out the form and request the doTERRA Secrets.  This is where you will receive the blueprint, the secrets to your doTERRA business success.

~Sherril Nelson – Team Aspire -